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Kaare Kristiansen Norwegian friend of Israel

On the Third of December 2005 in Oslo at the age of 85 passed away Dr. Kaare Kristian-sen, renown Norwegian political and public figure, who was a Member of Government and Parliament of Norway and the Leader of Christian Peoples Party. In 1994 Kaare Kristiansen resigned from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in protest of awarding Yas-sir Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize. At the press-conference called on this occasion he said that he considers it immoral to award by the Peace Prize the person tainted with vio-lence, terrorism and bloodshed. Later on when the world applauded Arafat Kaare Kris-tiansen worked to publicize the truth about his terrorist activity, and not once called upon the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to publicly deplore its 1994 decision to grant Arafat the respected prize.

In 1997 Kaare Kristiansen led a group of political and religious leaders in Norway in submitting a petition to the Foreign Ministry, demanding that the Norwegian Embassy in Israel be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Kaare Kristiansen was a member of Nor-wegian Association With Israel for Peace (MIFF) and of Society of Committees for Is-rael (FKI) which he created in 1982 in cooperation with Kristoffer Gjotterud and other Norwegian friends and colleagues.

Kaare Kristiansen showed the world the highest moral position of impossibility of any loyalty to terror, which is the obligatory precondition for building stable Peace. And we express our deep condolences to people of Norway and to all Norwegian friends of Israel in connection with his death.

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Boris Altshuler,

Head of the Movement without Frontiers

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