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Some Questions-answers


Dear Haverim,

I passed through all necessary procedures in the Repatriation Department of the Israel Embassy and certified my right for repatriation to Israel in accordance with the Law on Return. However because of personal reasons I can not stay in Israel now for a long time, although I plan to live there permanently in future.

My question: can I, coming to Israel as a tourist, to go through all formalities – to receive Teudat Ole and then Teudat Zeud – in a month or few weeks and to leave Israel after that for a time being?

Thank you



At present (beginning from September 2008) you may come to Israel from Russia without any visa.

According to the Article 3 of the Law on Return you may receive Teudat Ole immediately in the airport. After that you must apply for permanent Israel Certificate Teudat Zeud to the Registration Department of the Ministry of Interior at the place of your life in Israel. For this you must submit:

* temporary certificate Teudat Ole (which you received in the airport),

* Russian Foreign Passport,

* Birth certificates, marriage certificates etc., for all members of the family,

* two photos,

* and of course all original documents confirming your right for repatriation according to the Law on Return.

Confirmation from the Israel Embassy in Russia may be helpful but will not work automatically; Ministry of Interior of Israel is an independent entity and it will check all your documents and your right for repatriation again. How long will it take it is impossible to foresee; to receive Teudat Zeud may take from several minutes to the months or even year.

Thus we advice to repatriate in a regular way with the assistance of JAFI.

In any case you may leave Israel when you want if there are no established financial debts (if you don’t take The Absorption Basket).


Please, can you place at your Web-site the Hebrew Alphabet with transcription of pronunciation of Hebrew letters.

Anton, Samara


Hebrew alphabet you may see here (,1 )


I study International Law. Please tell where can I find basic Israel laws in Russian?

Michael, Ryazan’


Basic Israel laws you may see here ( )


What is the minimal wage in Israel? Is it regulated by the Law?

Anton, Moscow


Minimal monthly salary in Israel:

From 01.06.2007 it is 3835.18 shekels.

The additional extra payment (“tosefet-joker”) may be established by the Law depending on inflation.

On the basis of this monthly minimal wage the following tariffs are established:

* 19.28 shekels per hour;

* 165.45 shekels per day (in case of the 5-day week);

* 143.41 shekels per day (in case of the 6-days week).

In receiving these figures it is fixed that 5-days week means 21.7 working days per month, whereas 6-days week means 25 working days per month.

In any case salary received for a day of work can not be below than the product of number of the working hours and of minimal hour tariff.

The labor of teenagers is paid for every hour. The minimal 1 hour tariff for teenagers and pupils was established by the Law on 01.06.2006 and is equal:

* For the age less than 16 years old – 14.51 shekels per hour;

* From 16 to 17 years old – 15.54 shekels per hour;

* From 17 to 18 years old – 17.20 shekels per hour;

* Pupil – 12.43 shekels per hour.


I am a businessman and I plan to perform Aliyah and to make my business with Russian partners. Will it be possible for me to leave Israel while I’ll have status of New Repatriate?

Timur, Murmansk


If you go the regular way of repatriation to will be given Teudat Ole in the airport and in few days you will receive Teudat Zeud in the Ministry of Interior. Israel foreign passport Dar Kon, which permits to travel over the world as a citizen of State of Israel, is ordinary received in year of stay of Israel. But in case of necessity you may apply for Lesse Passe which substitute Dar Kon and which will permit you to go abroad. Of course being a citizen of Russia (Laws of Israel and of Russia admit citizenship of other countries) you may also use Russian foreign passport for traveling abroad.


I am a graduate student from the Moscow Law College. And I plan to repatriate to Israel. Will they recognize my diploma in Israel?

Semen, Moscow


In Israel you must pass examinations on the branches of Law. After passing the first examination you receive the right for probation (traineeship). Finishing it you again pass exams and receive the License for the legal practice. Main problem which, as a rule appears, is the knowledge of the language.


I am granddaughter of Jew. My son, 14 years old, wanted to take part in JAFI programs in Israel but he was refused since he, as a grand-grandson of Jew, does not possess the right for repatriation. How can we perform Aliyah?

Mariya, Stavropol


Children who do not possess the right for repatriation can perform Aliyah together with their parents possessing this right. However the child must be less in age then the age of majority, 18 years. Thus we advice to apply to Israel now together with your son.


My mother was adopted by the Jew. Can I repatriate to Israel being as a grand-daughter of Jew?

Elena, Severodwinsk


Adopted children have all the rights as the biological ones, their children also have the same rights. Thus you possess the right for repatriation.


I am 58 and I plan to perform Aliyah. Please tell about the system and size of allowances and benefits in Israel for persons like me.

Michael, Mozyr’


Those new repatriates who can not work and are incapable to make the money for their life may receive “avtahat ahnasa” – support for the living wage. Following persons have the right for such support:

* those who learn in Ulpan and not receive the Absorption Busket;

* repatriates who learn at the day-time courses organized by the Minisgtry of Absorption – during the one year after repatriation;

* unemployed repatriates who look for the work – during the first year of repatriation;


Unemployed repatriate who is capable to work have a right for avtahat ahnasa only of he is registered at the Unemployed Office.

If you meet one of demands pointed above you will receive avtahat ahnasa to your bank account monthly during the first year after repatriation. The size of this allowance depends on the number of children (below 18 years old) which names are put down in your Teudat Zeud.


I heard the problem of circular (non-religious) marriages is now resolved in Israel. Is it true?

Sonya, Hamburg


There are plenty of discussion on this point in Israel. Earlier to make the circular marriage people were enforced to go to Cyprus. Now there appeared the non-governmental initiative “New Family” which began to work several days ago; they give “alternative marriage certificates” – “Teudat zugiyut” with photos of spouses. About 200 Israel couples received this document to the moment. This is absolutely legal certificate acknowledged by the State, it serves well in all everyday situations.

The Chief of “New Family”, lawyer Irit Rozenblum says that “state marriage” extirpates in many countries; people do not want State to interfere in their personal life. For additional information about the “non-State” marriage you may apply to “New Family” over telephone 03-566-0504 or write to:


I and my husband repatriate to Israel. We passed through all necessary formalities and received our visas. But for some personal reasons we are enforced to come to Israel separately: first I go and my husband follows me in 2 weeks. However I know that Teudat Ole is given in the ort for the family. How can we cope with it?

Marina, Vilnyus


When you come to Israel you must say about this situation in the repatriate office in the airport, and after that in the Ministry of Interior at the place of your life. When your husband will join you, you will perform necessary formalities as a couple.


My father is Jewish. Do I have right to become a citizen of State of Israel?

Viktor, Kiev


According to the Law on Return right for repatriation (and subsequently for citizenship) is given to Jews, their children, grandchildren, their spouses and children. Thus you may be the citizen of State of Israel.


I am Jewish. I’ll have wedding soon. My future husband is of the Russian origin. Can he repatriate with me to Israel and receive Israel citizenship?

Mira. Simferopol.

The answer

According to the “Law on Return” your husband can repatriate with you and receive Israel citizenship. But as a proof that your marriage is not a fictitious one it is ordinary demanded the 3 years term of the common life of spouses. If the term is less than 3 years Council can make the Decision individually.



We live in Israel and we have Israel citizenship. Our 7 years old grandson came to us as a guest. He was born in Russia and his parents live in Russia. They have double citizenship. What must be done to make Israel citizenship to our grandson with consent of his parents of course ?

Sonya. Haifa.

The answer

Your grandson has the right for Israel citizenship and you may just register him in the Ministry of Interior. You must submit there his Birth Certificate, translated and officially certified.



We are young family from Kishinev. I am 27 and my wife is 29. We have a child. We plan to repatriate to Israel. Should we serve in the Army there?

Semen. Kishinev.

The answer

You’ll be called annually as a reservist as it happens with every man. Your wife will be free of this obligation.



Our family plans to perform Aliyah. We have the child who is 5 years old. We want to know more about school education in Israel.

Grigoryi. Baku.

The answer

State system of school education in Israel includes 6 years of primary school, 3 years of intermediate school and 3 years of third-stage school – tihon in Hebrew. In some schools second and third stages are combined and there are 6 years of primary school and 6 years of upper school. In Israel there is the Law on the obligatory free-of-charge education for all children of the age from 5 to 16 years old. For children above 16 education remains free-of-charge but it is not obligatory any more. To visit the upper group of the kindergarten is also obligatory and free-of-charge.

The school year begins on 1 September and finishes on 30 June in primary classes and on 20 June on 7-12 forms. All school vacations are timed to Jewish holydays according to Jewish calendar: 3 weeks on Peseh (in April), one week on Sukkot (September-October) and one week on Hanuka (December).

Children of new repatriates begin to go to school immediately after coming to Israel. Extra lessons are organized for them in school where they study Hebrew and subjects depending on the knowledge of Hebrew (literature, TANAH, etc.). In schools where there are many children of repatriates the special adaptation classes are organized. Mathematics, physics, English repatriates study at the ordinary lessons together with all pupils. In some towns children-repatriates above 12 years old are directed to special Ulpan for schoolchildren.

There are different schools in Israel: State schools, private schools, State religious schools, schools of the orthodox-religious of the system of independent education. Also there are special schools of art, science, technology…



Is it possible to pass the in-depth training (probation) in Israel?

Semen. Murmansk.

The answer

Israel programs of training are realized for those who would like to improve ones qualification and to know better the life in Israel. Programs include the possibility to work in different companies and organizations as a volunteer. The term of the Programs varies from 2 to 6 months. Probationers work in hospitals and hotels, in juridical firms and in HT companies, in schools and clubs, at TV and radio studios, in governmental institutions and in public sector.

Programs provide participant with monthly stipend of Jewish Agency. In all aspects of everyday life – search of dwelling, decision making, establishing contacts, etc. participants of the programs act on their own but with the informational and consulting support from organizers of the programs. (Information by JAFI)



Please tell about Israel grants program “Orfek”.

Grigoryi R Severodvinsk.

The answer

Program “Orfek” is designed for participants aged from 17 to 30, its duration is 10 months. To students – winners of competition the grant is provided which covers travel expenses to Israel, dwelling and studying in Israel during 10 months of the Program, medical insurance and participation in different events of the Program.

According to the Program participants during 10 months live in kibbutz Ein Zurim (15 minutes from Ashkelon, one hour from Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem). In the day time there are lections and studies given by the well known teachers of Israel universities. Language of lessons is Russian. The demands to the participant:

age from 17 to 30,

did not participate in other Masa program,

one’s right for repatriation.

Program includes meetings with interesting people, different seminars, two weeks in Israel Army, one week of archeology, and of course different excursions all over Israel from 1 to 4 days each; the cost of excursions is included in grant.

More information you may receive at



Please tell the addresses of humanitarian high schools and colleagues in Israel and rules of entry there.

Michael. Samara.

The answer

There are more than 27 humanitarian high schools in Israel, more than 65 pedagogical high schools and many other. See detailed information in Russian at



Can I formalize the repatriation when at the tourist trip to Israel?

Michael. Donetsk.

The answer

Yes, it is possible. In this case the necessary verification of your right for repatriation will be performed by “Lishkat ha-Kesher” (Bureau on communications).



I am citizen of Israel since 1990 but most of time live in Ukraine coming to Israel once in 2-3 years. Do I need visa to enter Germany?


The answer

Shengen zone is a non-visa space for citizens of Israel. To enter any Shengen country you only need to have your Israel passport.



The words “direct absorption” are often used – what is it?

Michael. Sanct-Petersburg.

The answer

Direct absorption is the State program of assistance to new repatriates which makes it easier to adapt to Israel reality with account of individual features of the family. During the first year of life in Israel new repatriates receive the benefit which is called “absorption basket” (sal’ klita) with a number of subsidies for initial period of absorption. The price of the “absorption basket” is established with account of individual circumstances, age and number of family members.



I live in Tashkent. I am Jewish in my passport since my father is Jewish. He is citizen of Israel but now he lives in Austria. We have many relatives in Israel. We want to apply for Aliyah. Can you tell how long must we wait for an answer and is it possible to speed up this procedure?

Elena. Tashkent.

The answer

If you decided to repatriate to Israel don’t wait for any invitation. You have right for repatriation. Thus collect all the documents which confirm your relationship with your father and his Jewish origin. And apply with these documents to the office of Jewish Agency in Uzbekistan on the address: 100100, Tashkent, Yakkasaraisky district, Zarbor st., 56-58; tel.: 152-38-33, 152-38-64



Please tell if there are in Israel the programs of employment assistance to new repatriates?

Darina Levitskaya. Simferopol’.

The answer

At present there are three basic programs of employment assistance to Olim Hadashim: “voucher program” in frames of which repatriate receives from the Ministry of Absorption 10 thousands shekels to cover the cost of courses of professional training; program of the labor integration (“Kidum ha-Asaka”) which gives certain benefits for those employers who give job to new repatriates; and program of professional orientation which includes consultations, language and computer courses in special centers “Merkazei Ahvana” of the Ministry of Absorption.




We want to go to Russia for several months to receive the new Russian passport.

In Russian consulate here in Israel they said that we must pull out from their record. Can we come back to Israel after that? What will be with our Israel passports which we received in Israel Embassy in Moscow?

Fishel, Haifa

The answer:

As we understood from your question you possess two citizenships, two passports and free entry and exit from Israel and from Russia. To be pulled out from the record in Russian consulate does not influence in any way your right to enter Israel. You come to Israel and go out of it according to Israel darcon.



I want to repatriate to Israel. Please tell must I refuse the citizenship of Russia in case I receive the citizenship of Israel?

Frida, the Town of Nevel’

The answer:

No, this is not demanded.



Please tell what is it about — the Israel visa A-3? Who gives it?

Semen. The Town of Pskov

The answer:

Visa A-3 is given to a religious person who arrives to Israel for fulfilling of some religious procedures. It is given by the Ministry of Religion of Israel “Misrad ha-Datot”.



My husband is Jewish, he is citizen of Israel. I am of Russian origin but I also posses Israel citizenship. Now we live in Tbilisi. My husband soon leaves for the one year work in Australia, and I want to go to Israel. Please tell can I make Giyur in Israel while my husband will work in Australia?

Irina, Tbilisi, Georgia

The answer:

You may enroll to courses of Giyur by yourself without presence of your husband and even without asking his or somebody’s else permission. Because you are free in the choice of religion according to the fundamental principle of freedom of conscience.



I am on the guest visit to my relatives in Israel now according to the guest-visa. I am on the 6-th month of pregnancy and I want to give the birth to my child in Israel. Does Israel Law guarantee that my child will acquire Israel citizenship?

Marina, the City of Ufa

The answer:

The child born in Israel acquires Israel citizenship according to the Item 4 (“Citizenship on birth”) of the Law on Citizenship. Sub-item “Aleph” of this Item says: “Following persons are citizens of Israel from the moment of their birth: one who was born in Israel and his/her mother or his/her father are citizens of Israel”. In case these conditions are satisfied Israel citizenship of the child is fixed in the Citizenship Certificate (“teudat ezrahut”) which is received in the Ministry of Interior.



My husband and I came to Israel 18 years ago. My husband is of Russian origin. He returned to Russia in 2001 and lives there since then. He was not deprived of Israel citizenship. Now he decided to come back to Israel. How can he do it?

Ofra, the Town of Romlya, Israel.

The answer:

If you husband’s Israel passport (darcon) is expired it is necessary to prolong it in the Israel consulate in Russia. Then he will freely enter Israel since there are no “automatic” deprivation of Israel citizenship because of the person’s life out of the country.



I am of the Belorussian origin. I plan to go to my husband to Israel after I receive permission from the Ministry of Interior of Israel. Please tell where must I address to find job in Israel? Thank you in advance.


The answer:

Dear Yana!

There is “Employment Service” in Israel. Its departments exist in all towns of the country. Here is the List of telephones in some towns:

Afula 06-6421384

Ashdod 08-8565319

Ashkelon 07-6750116

Beer-Sheva 07-6273397

Jerusalem 02-5373929, 02-6234233

Kiryat-Gat 07-6280641

Netania 09-8617253

Petah-Tikva 03-9305647

Rehovot 08-9452413

Rishon le-Zion 03-9647966

Tel-Aviv 03-5270854

Hadera 06-6572052

Haifa 04-8644513

Holon, Bat-Yam 03-5011992



My father was on medical treatment in Israel. He died there and he was buried in Jerusalem in 2005. I have all confirming documents. Please advice how can I visit my father’s grave?


The answer:

You must appeal to Israel Consul in the Israel Embassy in Russia on the address: Moscow, Bol’shaya Ordynka st., 56. Tel.: (495) 230 6700; Fax: (495) 238 1346.

Reception hours: Monday-Thursday from 9-00 to 11-00 AM. You must have with you the documents confirming the burying of your father and confirming your relations with your father.



I live in Armenia and I am citizen of Armenia. I have husband and a child. My father performed Aliyah and he is citizen of Israel now. Is it possible for me and my family to repatriate to Israel having in mind that my husband is of Armenian origin?


The answer:

“The Law on Return” gives the right for you and your family to repatriate to Israel. You must address to the Jewish Agency in Armenia and apply for Aliyah. You may connect with Jewish Agency through the Jewish Community. Its address:

Griboedova st., 2/1, Erevan 375051, Republic of Armenia;

Tel.: (374 10) 236 533 / 236 528; Tel./fax: (374 10) 534 854 / 534 924;

cell: (374 9) 436 736; E-mail:



My friends enlightened in their home three Hannukah candles. Please explain what does it mean and why three candles?

Sergei Dolgov, Moscow

The answer:

Jewish tradition of enlightening evening candles on Hannukah roots in the Divine support of fire in the templar lampad during eight days instead of one day. This miracle happened in Palestine during the war with Greek army (154 B.C.). Three candles mean that the day when you saw the candles at your friends’ home it was the third day of the holiday, in general Hannukah lasts for eight days.



Is there the need in Israel of translators from Russian to Spain?

Vladimir Hanov, Almaty, Kazahstan

The answer:

It will be difficult to find the permanent job. But there is great need in private lessons for children and for adults.



For how many days it is necessary to study Hebrew so that it will be possible to understand it and to speak it?

Antonina Shik, The City of Kemerovo

The answer:

According to specialists this will take not less than 6 months of intensive studies. And it is wishful to have an experience of studying foreign languages.



I live in Russia, my native language is Russian. But I decided to study Hebrew well. I learned in Ulpan in Moscow but without much success. Perhaps it is my personal language incompatibility?

Arkadyi Heifez, The City of Arkhangelsk

The answer:

It is difficult to study any language when you are out of language environment. The permanent communication with Hebrew speakers is surely wishful – at home, in the family, with friends. If it is impossible we advice you to listen records and to read books in Hebrew (it is better to read the children’s books). Also you may enroll to our planned Internet-school of Hebrew where interactive communication with teachers is supposed.



I’ve married Russian girl recently and we decided to move to Israel. However Israel Consul said that our wedlock is “too fresh”. He proposed me to repatriate alone and then to call my wife. But I love her so much.

Aleksander M., The City of Perm’

The answer:

In your case we advice you just to wait while your wedlock will reach the needed term (three years as a rule). Then you may go to Israel together.



I am interested what is the average salary in Israel ?

Anatlyi Holenko, The City of Khar’kov, Ukraine.

The answer:

There are no official statistical data, but according to different independent estimations salary varies from 1500 to 3000 USD per month. And experts agree that real minimal salary is about 1000 USD.



I am Israely. My grandfather and grandmother were shot up in Ukraine during the war. Is it possible to make them the citizens of the State of Israel posthumously ?

Riva Shalevich, the Town of Holon, Israel

The answer:

Unfortunately not. The citizenship is not given posthumously in any country of the world including Israel.



Does Israel citizen need visa for trips to the European countries of Shengen zone?

Anton Sachkovskyi, The City of Sankt-Petersburg

The answer:

No. It is sufficient to have Israel passport.



Is it possible in Israel, like in Russia, to have the dogs of “fighting breed” (like rottweiler, bull-terrier) as a guards of apartments, homes, automobiles?

Sergei Bugaev, The City of Moscow

The answer:

Beginning from 2004 the serious limitations were introduced in Israel for the import, breeding and keeping of these dogs. It is not permitted to have them at home like other dogs.



I am Jewish, I live in Belorussia. Is it possible for me to receive the citizenship of Israel not having lost the citizenship of Belorussia?

Victor Gross, The Town of Homel’

The answer:

Republic of Belurus, contrary to Russia and Ukraine, does not recognize the double citizenship.



I am Russian, my daughter is citizen of Israel (my late husband was Jewish). I plan to visit my daughter for half a year as a guest. Can I stay longer in Israel taking into account that I am almost 60 years old?

Lyudmila Kostetskaya, The City of Samara

The answer:

In case you reach 60 years old before your half a year guest term expires you will be considered as “old parent” and may try to receive permission to stay in Israel. But to make it you must have necessary documents certified with the apostil stamp:

— your Birth certificate;

— Birth certificate of your daughter;

— your Marriage certificate;

— Death certificate of your husband;

— Certificate of your present family status;

— Certificate from your place of living in Russia;

— Documents confirming that you do not have other children;

— Police clearance certificate that you were not sentenced by the Court for the crime.



In what cases double citizenship is forbidden in Israel?

Sergei Itkin, The City of Moscow

The answer:

This condition may be demanded from non-Jewish immigrants, and also when citizen gets employed to military enterprises, State service, Army…



I have relatives in Israel. Some of them died there. I’ve heard that there is Law in Israel which permits me to receive compensation of travel expenses in case I want to visit graves of my relatives. Where must I apply?

Andrei Kul’kov, The Town of Syzran’

The answer:

No, there is no such a Law in Israel.



Is it true that in Israel nursing mother has a benefit to work one hour less without loss in salary?

Svetlana Chasovaya, The City of Tomsk

The answer:

Yes it is, but only until the child reaches one year old.



I am lonely old Jewish person. I want to repatriate to Israel. Perhaps my question looks strange: please tell when I die then who, where and how will bury me?

Efim Vaiser, The Town of Mogilev, Ukraine

The answer:

Any citizen of Israel has a right for the minimal funeral services covered by State. The place of burying, its form and grave stone are determined by State services.



I lived in Israel during 4 years. Now (already for 3 years) I live in Russia. If I go back to Israel will I have all the benefits given to Israel citizens (medical insurance etc.) ? And one more question: please recommend where can I improve my Hebrew which is not of zero level (in ulpans they as a rule study language “from zero”), I live in Sankt-Petersburg? Thank you in advance.

Polina M.

The answer:

Dear Polina, we answer you step by step:

1) If you possess Israel citizenship then you, just like any citizen of Israel, can receive all the benefits according to the Law.

2) We advice you to approach the Ulpan “Halom”, Sankt-Petersburg,

Tel.: (7-812) 275-1465 / 6103 / 6104.




Please tell, can I make Giyur while living in Germany and after that come to Israel and receive Israel citizenship? Please advise where is it better to make Giyur – in Israel or in Germany?

Rimma, Keln

The answer:

Dear Rimma, according to the Law on Return those ones who made Giyur acquire the right to repatriate to Israel. We advise you to approach the Israel Consul in Germany and ask your question about the possibility to make Giyur in Germany. It is possible to make Giyur in Israel as well, but the procedure is the long one and you may meet problems with prolongation of you visa in Israel.


Question 2006-05-21

I want to go to Israel in frames of Ulpan-Kibbutz Program. Please tell where can I receive the exact information how to enter the Program and its schedule. The Jewish Agency Office in our Town does not possess this information. Thank you.

Ekaterina, The Town of Kaliningrad

The answer:

Dear Ekaterina,

Ulpan-Kibbutz Program – is the best one from programs of intensive studying of Hebrew, and the most money saving and effective program of absorption. This Program is targeted at young people of the age 18-28. Program is in action already during 30 years and it helped thousands young people to open Israel for them and to learn Hebrew.

The following persons may be taken on to the Program:

— Ones of the age 18-28;

— Who do not have problems with their health;

— Who want to combine studying of Hebrew with work;

— Single ones or couples without children;

The cost is $200, term of the Program is 5 months. You may enter the Program any moment during the year.

For students: cost of the Program is $400 and its term is 10 months.

Goal of the Program: Intensive learning of Hebrew in language environment.

To join the Program it is necessary:

— To submit the medical certificate;

— To fill in the Declaration of Candidate to the Program;

— To fill in the Guarantee Letter on payment for participation in the Program (for teenagers who come back).

You may list to the Program in the Jewish Agency offices, after going through interview with representative of the Program, representative of kibbutz, or coordinator on Aliyah.


Question 2006-04-11

I am Jew on my father, and I plan to make Aliyah in the nearest future. I already submitted my documents. After coming to Israel I want to make giyur. Please tell what should I study for that?

Michael A., The town of Anapa.

The answer:

It is possible to go through Program of Preparation to Giyur in special ulpans in Israel. This is the approximate List of topics studied in Ulpans in frames of Program of Preparation to Giyur. You may begin to study it now, to read literature. We wish you success!


Question 2006-04-06

We are living and working in Israel. We both receive our pension from Russia and also Israel allowance as an old-age people. Please tell must our Russian pension be taxed in Israel?

S. and G. Sunitskie, Haifa.

The answer:

Israel Regulations say that in case pension from other country is not taxed according to the Law of this country, then it is not taxed in Israel as well. Russian pensions are not taxed in Russia.


Question 2006-04-06

I was adopted by Russian adoptive mother and Jewish adoptive father. I found documents about my adoption only after death of my adoptive parents. Have I the right for repatriation to Israel?

Matvey G., The town of Bukhara.

The answer:

Yes – according to the Law. However your age in the moment of adoption may be essential, and how many years you lived together with Jewish father. Also it is important to know if you changed your religion. You will be asked all these questions at your interview in Israel Consulate.


Question 2006-04-04

Dear Haverim, please can you clarify the following: I am citizen of Israel, and for some circumstances I must receive Russian citizenship. Because of it I must reject Israel citizenship. Please tell will be it possible for me (being citizen of Russia) to receive Israel citizenship again?

Grigoryi P., Rishon-Lezion.

The answer:

Dear Grigoryi, you are lucky since Israel Law makes no provisions for abandoning Israel citizenship. Thus if Russian authorities demand it and you declare to them that you abandon Israel citizenship, Israel authorities are not interested in it.

Question 2006-04-03

I am Russian. I and my husband, who is Jewish, applied for Israel citizenship when we were in Israel on the guest visa. However we left Israel before the Decision was made by authorities. Later when we applied for other guest visa we were refused in it; we were said that our application for Israel citizenship was satisfied but we did not go through necessary formalities. My husband died a year ago. Please tell if I can receive Israel citizenship now?

Elena M., The town of Minsk.

The answer:

Dear Elena, the widow of Jew have the same rights for repatriation as the wife of Jew.



I am on my 7-th month of pregnancy. I want to go to Israel to give birth to my baby there. Please tell, what is the procedure for newborn child to acquire Israel citizenship?

Lyudmila A., The town of Berdichev

Dear Lyudmila!

The newborn child can acquire Israel citizenship in accordance to Item 4 “Citizenship on birth” of the Israel Law on citizenship (sub-Item “Alef”). Law says that following persons acquire Israel citizenship from their very birth:

One who was born in Israel and his/her mother or father possesses Israel citizenship;

One who was born in other country and his/her mother or father possesses Israel citizenship:

— because of their return,

— because they live in Israel,

— because of naturalization.



I am citizen of Russia and of Turkmenistan. I have right for repatriation to Israel (my grandfather is Jewish). My daughter is 2 years old. Now my husband refuses to repatriate. My questions:

1. If I go with my daughter to Israel on the invitation, can my daughter receive Israel citizenship without consent of her father? Can he demand the return of our daughter through the Court?

2. If I go to Israel with my daughter and we both receive Israel citizenship with his consent, shall I loose the citizenship of Turkmenistan?

3. If I receive Israel citizenship, will my husband acquire the possibility to receive Israel citizenship in the situation when he himself does not possess right for repatriation?

With respect.

M.S. The Town of Mary, Turkmenia

Dear M.S.

1. Without consent of both parents the child can not receive citizenship of Israel. Father has a right to demand the return of the child.

2. If you receive Israel citizenship according the Law on Return then Israel is not interested at all in your previous citizenship. Israel does not inform authorities of Turkmenistan about your acquiring of Israel citizenship. The question of your Turkmenistan citizenship will be considered by authorities of Turkmenistan in case you inform them about your Israel citizenship.

3. According to the Item A1 of the Law of Return your husband, as “spouse of granddaughter of Jew” possesses all rights for repatriation to Israel in case he comes to Israel together with you. And if he comes later he, according to the Law on Citizenship, will be enforced to go through 5-6 years step by step procedure of receiving Israel citizenship, and in this case he must reject his previous citizenship.



I am living in Russia (Moscow) and plan to go to Israel soon. My father is Jewish, my mother is Russian. Before my parents married my mother passed giyur. Our family tries to observe traditions of Judaism. My question: shall I have problems with receiving Israel citizenship and can I preserve Russian citizenship (to have double citizenship)?

Bella S., Moscow

From your question it follows immediately that you will have no problems with receiving Israel citizenship since both your parents are Jewish – after your mother passed giyur she also became Jewish according to the Law. And even without it you have right to receive Israel citizenship because your father is Jew. Although in this case the Law would consider you not as Jew but as daughter of Jew. About double citizenship: it is permitted today by laws of both countries and there is no need to reject Russian citizenship when you acquire Israel citizenship.



Please tell what is the minimum wage in Israel?

Inna, Moscow

Now the minimum wage is 17,92 shekels per hour.



I would like to repatriate to Israel, but I have only documents of my Jewish grandfather, and copy of Birth Certificate of my uncle. The Birth Certificate of my father is lost. What should I do?

Irina Rizvanova, Republic of Buryatiya

Of course it is necessary to confirm your kinship with your grandfather. We advice you first of all to consult with all documents you have in the Jewish Community of the town of Ulan-Ude.



I am an electric welder of the fifth-class, and my friend is a classy house-painter. Shall we find job in Israel?

Jakob Strel’nikov, the town of Kolomna

The labor in building and construction is strongly demanded and well-paid in Israel.



I am Israelite, but I left the country because was unable to pay the loan taken in the bank. Unfortunately the bank-rate interest is growing. Now I live in Moscow. I want to come back to Israel, but I do not know how to do it…

Boris H., Moscow

Begin the negotiations with bank over telephone. And seek the possibility to pay your debt because it will hardly be pardoned.



Can I perform a guest-visit to my husband who now works on a contract in Israel?

Aleksandra Pochekaeva, The Town of Perm’

Your husband is a “guest” himself, that is why he can not invite you. If you want to see your husband then make tourist visa.



Can my mother – pensioner who lives in Ukraine repatriate to Israel in case she is not Jewish and after she became widow she married again and her husband is Ukrainian?

Elvira Fihtengolz, Holon, Israel

Repatriation is the return to History Motherland and it is not the case. In case your mother is solitary and need in care she may receive residence permit in Israel.




I live in Bombay and belong to the Benei Menashe's community. I wonder if it is obligatory for me to take a Giuyr if I go to live in Israel. I learned this information in Sohnut in India, but I couldn't recieve the clear information.Will Israel take me as a real Jew?

Please reply on my letter on the cite, as I have temporary problems with e-mail.

Alenbi Pilial


Israel's Chief Rabbinate recognized Benei Menashe's Community of India, Burma and Thailand as one of 10 lost Israeli tribes. Members of the Community are recognized as Jews and receive the right to repatriate to Israel only after they take a Giuyr. The Rabbinate sent a conversion court to India to supervise the conversion process.




My sister and her husband are deaf, they live in Tel-Aviv. Please can you help to organize my video-conference with them. I have “separate” connection of my computer with internet. But we need technical support-assistance in Israel.

Vadim Garkavenko, Kramatorsk, Ukraine.

The answer:

Technologically only special chamber called “Eye” is demanded – then the pictures may be transmitted through internet. Necessary assistance you may receive in Israel in public organizations supporting deaf ones (see their contacts in the answer dated 2005-04-08 here:




My great grandfather on mother’s side was Jew. My sister with her husband who is Jewish live in Israel. Can I be recognized a Jew?

Vadim Garkavenko, Kramatorsk, Ukraine

The answer:

Unfortunately according to the Law on Return great grandfather is too distant relation ( see )




My husband and I have Russian and Israel citizenships. In case our child is born in Israel, will he/she possess Russian citizenship?

Tatyana N., Smolensk

The answer:

Child may receive citizenship according to the citizenship of his/her parents. Place of birth does not matter in this case. And child will have Israel citizenship. Russia and Israel permit double citizenship.




My nephew has asthma. In case she moves to Israel how it can influence her health? Where in Israel it is better to settle for people with this health problem?

Tatyana N., Smolensk

The answer:

Attacks of asthma are rare in Israel. Especially this is true in districts around Dead See where air is rich with salts and possesses medicinal properties. We may recommend to settle in the town Arad.




I am citizen of Israel, but already for 6 years I am living in Russia. I heard that new Law was passed in Israel which permits the deprivation of citizenship for those ones who do not live long time in Israel. Is it true?

Oleg S., Petrozavodsk

The answer:

As regards citizens of Israel such a Law does not exist and in can not exist in principle.




I am pensioner, Russian. My wife, who is late now, was Jewish. After her death I married second time, but divorced quickly. My son is citizen of Israel now, and becoming old I would like to move to him. Will I be permitted to receive citizenship of Israel?

K.I. Vladivostok

The answer:

If in the documents which you submit to authorities your second marriage is not mentioned at all, then you will be considered as widow of a Jewish woman and hence you will receive the full value Israel citizenship.




I am wife of citizen of Israel, and now I live in Israel according to the temporary working visa. In Russia I have 10 years old child from my previous marriage. How can I take my child to Israel, in case child’s father gave his official consent for that?

Valentina Gorelman, Acco, Israel

The answer:

You must appeal with all documents for entry visa for your child to Israel consulate where your child lives (because of small age of the child you may try to appeal to Council in Israel). In case you will be officially refused, then appeal to the Ministry of Interior of Israel.




I am citizen of Israel. At present I am working in Ukraine. I married here, my wife is pregnant, she is in her 6-th month. I want my child to be born in Israel. How can I go through formalities quickly?

Grigori Portnoi, Odessa, Ukraine

The answer:

You must submit all necessary documents to the nearest consulate of Israel in Ukraine. Your question is a simple one and your spouse will receive entry visa quickly.




I have citizenship of Russia, and my wife is citizen of Israel. Our marriage was officially registered in Israel. Now we want to divorce and I applied for it to the Court of Saratov. Will the Decision of Saratov Court be recognized in Israel in case my wife does not want to come from Israel to Saratov to participate in this divorce suit?

Vasilii Kononov, Saratov

The answer:

No, the divorce must be obligatory performed in Israel.




I am looking for the girl who used to be my friend and who lives now in Israel. Her name is Svetlana Galitskaya. I tried to find out in internet the necessary information service, but without any result.

Michael Malov, Kurgan

The answer:

If you speak English then try to ask in the Department of Search of Repatriates of the Jewish Agency in Israel. The centralized Tel. Number: 02-62022222.



I am Russian, my husband is Jewish. We both are of the old age. We plan to move to Israel for perma-nent residence. I am atheist-communist in my convictions. I was said that in Israel there are no non-Jewish cemeteries. Is it true?

Serafima Belen’kaya, Nyzhnyi Novgorod

Problem of burying of non-Jews – residents of Israel really exists in Israel. Although in the last years there were opened several circular cemeteries.



My former wife went to Israel together with our child. Should I pay alimonies if I never see my child who permanently lives abroad?

Victor Starikov, St.-Petersburg

Alimonies are supposed to purchase cloth and food for your child, to cover partly the cost of rent of his permanent place of residence. Question of your contacts with your son is in no way connected with payment of alimony. In complicated cases the problem may be resolved through the Court.



In the Fall of 2003 I came to Israel as a tourist. Being in Israel I decided to repatriate and applied for that. However even now, at the end of 2005, I am still “checked up”. I feel a burden to my Israel friends, and I do not know if I’ll me permitted to become Olim Hadashim.

Efim Gorkin, Ofakim, Israel

Yes, Russian citizens who did not go through the necessary for Aliyah formalities in Russia and who did not go through all necessary verifications, coming to Israel as a tourists or guests may wait in Is-rael for months or even years the results of detailed verification of their personal case, the correspon-dence of their documents to the Law on Return, their trustworthiness as a future Israel citizen, etc. We must have in mind that this possibility to make Aliyah may be used also by criminals. And if you do not want to be a burden for your friends we advice you to prolong your visa with the right to work.



I am Georgian Jew. And I want to live the rest of my days in Israel. Can you advice where in Israel Jews from Georgia are living compact?

Georgyi Khorishvili, Donetsk, Ukraine

It is true that Georgian or Bukhara Jews prefer to settle compactly. As far as we know many “Georgians” are living at the Mediterranean coast in Ashdod.



I was said that many children from Russia drop out from Israel schools. What is the reason?

Silva Fridlyand, Petrozavodsk

Yes, the percentage of the drop outs from schools is higher among children – new-comers. This is connected with problems of adaptation and also with higher level of knowledge of children from Rus-sia who because of it loose the interest for studying. However now there are created special programs for children-repatriates. Also there are private schools and children gardens where habitual for Olim Hadashim methods and ways of studying are practized.



Is it true that in Israel everybody has to learn Hebrew? And if one is not good at languages?

Ephim Basin , pensionist, Yoshkar-Ola

Certainly, for successful adaptation in new environment it is necessary to know Hebrew. However now 4 daily newspapers, 11 weekly journals, 4 monthly journals, about 50 local editions are published in Russian. Two radio stations work in Russian, an inexpensive cable TV is able to accept three Rus-sian programs. The system of household services and tourist business focused on a Russian commu-nity is developed very well. There is a network of "Russian" food shops and restaurants.



I am a former worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and I have an admission to the classified State information. Whether I can become the citizen of Israel?

B.I., St.-Petersburg

Only if you get the permission for exit from Russia.



It is said, that more than one million citizens of former USSR has left for Israel. Is there some statis-tics about distribution of repatriates on specialities?

Andrew Korshunov, St.-Petersburg

There are such data about specialists-repatriates who came to Israel from former Soviet Union: the engineers and other technical workers — 78 thousand, teachers — 36 thousand, medical workers — 16 thousand, scientists — 13 thousand, other representatives of creative intelligence (actors, musicians, artists, writers) — 16 thousand.



I am a Jewish woman, my husband is Russian, we live together for 3 years, though we registered our marriage recently. Now I am pregnant. Whether my present state can influence the positive decision of the Embassy about our departure for the permanent place of living in Israel? Whether Israel authorities will give me the grant on birth of the child?

Valentina Mosolova, Moscow

Yes, the submitted information about your pregnancy can speed up the positive decision of the Em-bassy. If you give the birth to your child in Israel then you will be definitely given the grant.



I want to refuse from the Israel citizenship. How can I do that?

Victor Shwarz, Ekaterinburg

You should address the nearest Israel consulate. They will explain you the rules. It is necessary to no-tice that Israel is not interested to hold the people by force.



I came to Israel together with my husband who is Jewish. Now we are going to divorce. Will I be de-prived of the Israel citizenship?

Alevtina Riger, Netaniya, Israel

The divorce can not be the base of deprivation you of citizenship.



I want to confirm my Jewry (presumably my father was a Jew). What organization it's better to ad-dress?

Maria Lipkina, St.-Petersburg

Such a special organizations do not exist. Try to search for the confirming documents in urban and departmental archives of a residence, in a place of work of the father or his parents, in the registration books of synagogues etc.



In 2001 in the Novosibirsk Medical Center I was put in my heart the pork valve. However now there is a necessity to repeat the operation. I was advised to make it at the professors Bernardo Widne in Israel. Who is he? And how can I find him?

Vasilii K., Novosibirsk

Professor Bernardo Widne is the Main Cardiologist of Israel, winner of the International premium "Golden Gippokrat" 2003 . He heads largest in Near East surgical branch of the Medical centre after the name of Rabin (Petakh-Tikva). It is possible to address with concrete questions into the Ministry of tourism by Moscow telephones (095) 937-36-42, 937-37-43, e-mail:



I am the citizen of Russia. I would like to receive the Israel citizenship, not losing the Russian one. Whether it is possible?

Lev Goldberg, Saratov

It is possible. Russia and Israel admit double citizenship.



My parents live in Israel for 10 years. They have citizenship. I live in Russia. My former husband has married another woman and they are waiting for the child. And I have stayed alone with two sons — 6 and 8 years. He stands against of children's departure to Israel on permanent place of living. And he pays very low alimony. We have no means to live, I can't hold two children only by myself, to pay the accounts for a kindergarten, apartment and school. Please, help us!

Ludmila A., Russia

In Russia, as well as in other countries it is impossible to deprive father of the parental rights after di-vorce without special reasons for that. However, there are exceptions, which your case perhaps satisfy. We offer you to contact to the experienced lawyers working in human right organizations "Movement without Frontiers" and "Right of the Child " on telephones: (495) 291-9176, 291-5872.



Our family has received the status of repatriates. But we also have our favorite dog and cat. What documents are necessary to take them to Israel with us?

Naum and Bella Vel'tmun, Gatchina

You need the sanitary sanctions and cages — as they will fly with you in a luggage place of the air-plane.



I am going to work in Israel. I have prepared all necessary certificates. Whether it is necessary to translate them into English or Hebrew with the subsequent assurance at the notary?

Aleksey Maslov, Reutov

All that can be done in Israel.



Having all the necessary documents how long procedure of reception of the Israel citizenship can last?

Aleksander Ben'yaminov, Novopolock, Byelorussia

From 3 months till 1 year.



We are brothers, born in 1961 and 1970. Our father is Jew on an origin, and his mother — our grandmother lived at the Jewish Republic of Birobidzhan. Both of them already have died. Whether we have right on repatriation? Whether it is possible previously to get acquainted with Israel, for ex-ample under the program "Sar-Ell"? What is necessary for that?

Sergey and Aleksey T., Russia

First, it is necessary for you to find the documents confirming the Jewry of your grandmother or the father (for example, with the help of inquiries in archives). Then you will receive the right on repa-triation. Secondly, for participation in the various fact-finding programs it is necessary to address to the nearest branch of the Jewish agency Sohnut, where you necessarily will be helped.



We want to settle in Haifa. What are the prices for apartments there now? Whether there is a lot of youth?

Elena Gurevich, Astrakhan

The average price for 4 bedroom apartment in Haifa is $ 205.000. The inhabitants under 18 years old are more than 100 thousand from 270 thousand of all population.



How operatively to find the man in Israel? My friend disappeared there in 1992 and does not reply the letters.

Anton Kravtsov, Ekaterinburg

It can be done by the Internet. Fill in the application form which is placed in the address:

The organizers promise, that in a near future they will start more effective system of search.



The high humidity of the air and high temperature may be harmful for my mother. Where will you ad-vise us to settle in Israel?

Svetlana Klein, Chelyabinsk

The climate in Israel is subtropical, but there are nine climatic zones. So, in Tel Aviv it is very hot and damp, and in Beer-Shev it is hot and dry. The most comfortable climate is considered to be in Jerusa-lem. There is not so hot in the day (afternoon) and is cool at the night. Average temperature in August here: 20 — 27 degrees of heat. Also there are small mountain towns as Tzfat with very healthy cli-mate.



Whether I can move on a constant residence to Israel to the daughter? I am Russian, now married an-other man (daughter's father has died).

Victoria Mechnikova, Barnaul

It is possible, if you strongly need the help of your daughter on a condition of health or finance. Now, when you are not lonely — chances are not too high.



I have given the birth to a child from the citizen of Israel. How is it possible to establish his farther-hood under the Israel laws?

Irina Mal'kova, Kostroma

In all countries, including Israel, it occurs one and the same way. It is necessary to present the proofs. Try to offer to your father to make the genetic analysis of DNA. If he refuses, it can become one of arguments in your benefit.



I have come back to Russia, and I want to divorce with my wife, who stays with our child in Israel. I am going to submit on divorce in my place of living in Russia. Will the divorce be recognizing in Is-rael?

Andrey Sergeenko, Volgograd

No, it's not allowed. You should to divorce according to the Israel laws. For this purpose it is not nec-essary to come to Israel. It is enough to give the power of attorney to the Israeli lawyer.



I have the Israeli citizenship. Whether I can refuse it and then in case of need to return it again?

Mickl Kotkin, Novosibirsk

You can refuse, but not return.



I am going to my sister in Israel under the guest visa. Whether I can prolong the visa being in Israel if I enter there the University?

Aleftina Valova, Moscow

Yes. If you submit the documents confirming your enter the University, your visa will be prolonged.



I am Azerbaijanian woman and I have citizenship of Israel. Now I am going to divorce with my hus-band. Weather I can be deported after the divorce from Israel?

Chimnaz Vannikiva, Petah-Tikva, Israel

Now, if you are the citizen of Israel. The exception is made by cases connected to criminal offences or the direct proofs of fictitiousness of your marriage. But even then firstly you should be deprived of citizenship, which is very difficult to do.



My father, who died in Israel, has left the inheritance to me. But the documents sent to me by the law-yer, are written in Hebrew. In the accompanying letter it is affirmed, that third of property belonges to me. What to do?

Tat'yana Pevzner, Kaluga

At first you must translate the documents from Hebrew. If you are not satisfied with the contents, it is better to hire the lawyer in Israel for protection of your interests.



I have left for the search of work from Ukraine to Germany, but unexpectedly has found work in Is-rael. If I move to Israel, whether my wife can arrive to me there from Ukraine?

Matvey Kacevich, Dortmund, Germany

If you are in Israel under the working visa, there are high chances, that your wife will not be permitted to enter the country. But if you receive the Israel citizenship (as a Jew), your wife will have the same right as the wife of the Jew. In the second case it is recommended to arrive with the wife together di-rectly from Ukraine (just not to be suspected in fictitiousness of a marriage).



I am 1930 of birth, Russian, have problems with health. I can not serve myself independently. My daughter is the citizen of Israel since 1996. Other close people didn't remain. Whether I can receive citizenship of Israel?

Sergey of the Wolves, Gatchina

You can hardly receive the citizenship. But you have a "humanitarian" case. You can receive (on presentation of the documents) the residence permit, what will allow you to live in Israel and to use all relying privileges.



It is said that the repatriating young people summoned to the army immediately receive a direction in most “ hot points ". Whether it is truth ?

Konstantin Korman, Yaroslavl

It is not true. The connection between "new" repatriates and service in "hot points" does not exist.



I have two citizenships: Russian and Israel. Now three small orphans are brought up in my family. Whether I can receive the residence permit in Israel for them?

Vladimir, Reutov, Moscow Region

Yes, if they are adopted by you.



Concerning my nationality I am Ukrainian woman. I have decided to agree to a marriage with my old friend, who lives in Israel nowadays. Now I have received the guest visa and I am going to go to him. How to act if we want to have no problems of joint residing in Israel?

Olesya Golovko, Kharkov

With assistance of any of the Israeli tourist agency contract a marriage on Cyprus (this variant does not cause objections in the Ministry of Internal Affairs) and begin procedure of registration of resi-dence permit. It is better, if you do not leave Israel during this procedure.



I am going to go under the guest visa to my mother to Israel. Whether my child can go there in school?

Hizgil Izgyaev, Makhachkala

The child can go to study in any private school. To go to usual school, it is necessary to have the status (citizenship, residence permit etc.).



My husband and I are repatriates from Russia. We have met and got married in Israel. But we have decided to give the birth to our first child in Russia. Whether our child will receive citizenship of Is-rael in this case?

Oksana Fradkina, Ashdot, Israel

If the parents are the citizens of Israel, their child (doesn't matter, where he/she was born) will be the citizen of Israel.



My situation is opposite to Mitas's situation from Nizhnii Novorod. I am the citizen of Israel, Jew, and my bride is from Ukraine, Russian. Whether we can get married, even in the Ukraine?

Semen Lakshin, Pardes-Hana, Israel

Certainly you can get married. But it will be not so easy for the girl to receive the citizenship of Israel. We already wrote about this problem, its reasons and decisions. Please read archive.



I am the Jew, the citizen of Russia. My bride is Russian, the citizen of Israel. Whether we can register our marriage in Israel, if she does not want to accept Judaism?

Sergey Mitas, Nizhni Novgorod

In Israel only the religious marriages are registered. Therefore we recommend you to get married in Nizhni Novgorod. Your Russian certificate on a secular marriage will be recognized in Israel, and you receive the status of the spouses.



It is said that in Israel the employers pay for the petrol, if you go on work using your own car. Whether it is truth?

Vasilii Vilkov, Moscow

Probably, the owners of some private companies do that. But under the Israel laws the employer is obliged, as a minimum, to pay for your travel by the bus up to a place of work and back under the cheap tariff.



I would like to become the Jew. How to pass giyur in Russia? Whether the circumcision is necessary?

Victor As-n, Astrakhan

The process of transition to Judaism (giyur) is not an easy one. It begins with the search of the spiri-tual teacher — Rabbi, who devotes you in the world of the Jewish sacred books, traditions and religious practice. It also includes the study of Hebrew and kashrut (requirement to food). The requirement of circumcision depends on a choice of a direction of Judaism. So the reformists and the conservatives (against the orthodox) do not consider it as obligatory. But in any case the verdict of Religious Court is necessary.

For details and advice you can address the Rabbi's Court of CIS (Head of The Court — Rabbi Pinhas Gol'dshmidt) to the post address: 101000, Moscow, Large Spasogolenischevskii lane., 10. Moscow Choral Synagogue.



I would like to get acquainted with Israel, its traditions, culture during my holiday. Whether there are inexpensive tours?

Irina Rabinovich, Khabarovsk

In your case it is better to use the volunteer's program "Sar-Ell". It includes 3 weeks of voluntary work on base (excepting Friday and Saturday) and five days of excursions over the country plus various evenings of rest. Free-of-charge: residing and food, transport, medical insurance and visa. The tickets to the plane are paid for by the participant, but with the special discount (approximately 300 $).



When I was in tour in Israel, I have noticed, that the Israelis like the variant "of fast meal" — balls named "falafel'". Will you say the recipe?

Anna Balueva, Tula

It is true, in Israel they love falafel'. And they make it of the special peas — Humus (in Central Asia and on Caucasus it is called nahut). Previously the peas should be soaked, then boiled, cooled and passed through meat-chopper together with parsley. In received paste you need to add salt, pepper, garlic, kamun (version of caraway seeds) and something loosening for the dough. Carefully stir it, form balls and fry them in oil, and do not be greedy with oil.

On 1 kg of peas a bunch of parsley, 1 garlic, pack of loosening, rest is on your taste.



I want to earn in Israel. Whether it is possible?

Stepan Kurennoi, Sizran'

It is possible. But you need the working visa. And for this purpose it is necessary to find the Israel employer, who wants to take you (it is possible to look for this possibility through the Internet). He will apply for your visa.



I am the unmarried woman, but I have a friend, who has an adult daughter. He is Russian. We have decided to move to Israel. How do you consider, should we at first register a marriage, and then to submit the documents? Or better to do it in Israel?

Tat'yana K., Moscow

You have a lot of problems. But we should notice that without registration of a marriage the moving of your friend can turn to long-term venture. Then act the way which is described in the Answer to the question by Leo Kaplan below. Then it is possible that you will receive the visa on a constant resi-dence without delays. However there can be serious obstacles connected with moving of your friend's daughter. Here only your mutual long-term persistence can help to win.



I am the old man and practically deaf. What help can I expect in Israel?

Aleksey Burkin, Ekaterinburg

In Israel there are a lot of organizations assisting to deaf people. They carry out translation of the in-formation, help in purchasing of a fax, promote in the rehabilitation of children, defend the rights of badly hearing ones. Among them:

— The organization "Bekol'" (means "Loud") — p.b. 39039 Tel Aviv 61390 Ph.: 03-6316982; fax: 03-7305730. There are branches in Haifa and Jerusalem.

— "ÀÕÀ" — Association of deaf persons in Israel — Parkway Yad Lebanim 13 Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv 60190 Ph.: 03-7303355; fax: 03-7396419. There are branches in Haifa and Jerusalem.



I have an apartment in Vologda. I am going to move to Israel. What is possible to do with apartment?

Vladimir Finkel'shtein, Cherepovets

Privatize it before submission of the documents in Visa Department. Then it can be sold, rent out, or occupied by the relatives. Your departure to Israel does not deprive you of the property right on an apartment.



In the Israeli consulate I was suggested to go by my own, because we have a "fresh" marriage with my wife (she is Russian). But I am afraid, that after my departure it will be not possible to get her out from Russia. What to do?

Leo Kaplan, Moscow area

Your fears have the bases. In Israel do not like, when the marriage is used as "a mean of movement", and it is checked on fictitiousness. If your feelings are strong, we recommend you: 1. To show the certificate of your long-standing relations in consulate. It can be, for example, the photos of joint life (travels, conducting a common economy, residing in one apartment). 2. To wait, while the term of a marriage will be recognized sufficient. Usually it lasts for 3 years.



I was born in July, 1978. I am going to Israel, but wouldn't like to serve in the Israel army. What will you advise?

Vasilii Shneer, Murmansk

In July, 2006 you will be 28 years old, and you will not be called for army. You can wait. But it is necessary to notice, that in Israel it is not fashionable among youth "to slant" (avoid) from army. And on the contrary, moreover, thanks to the army service many get the useful and reliable acquaintances. But it is up to you to decide!




Dear Haverim, Is it possible to enter the mehina at the university at the age of 27, having the diploma of higher peda-gogical education, to learn foreign languages (Hebrew, English) with further training for a new profession of account-ant. Are there any other possibilities?

Sincerely Natalia.

The answer:

First of all it is necessary to know that new-comers repatriates have no right to get state paid second higher education in Israel. But you can study for 2 years to get Master’s diploma of Israel university (the 2nd level) on the same profession you were studying at Russian university. Preliminary course (mehina) is a year’s program for those who have graduated the secondary school abroad. Thus we recommend you to learn languages on the program “Ulpan-kibbutz” (age till 28), later you can enter retraining courses.




My grandfather told me that before the revolution children played a tetrahedral top with a written spell. What kind of game is it?

Juriy Ravinsky, Gomel, Belorussia

The answer:

Children’s game of the Hanuka top is the recalling of the magic fire of the Jerusalem Cathedral, flaming without sup-port for 8 days (that is why during Hanuka we light candles for 8 successive days). Each side of the tetrahedral top contains the first letter of the expression “Great miracle was there”. This phrase is repeated by the players in different succession according to the fallen side. It is necessary to mention that in Israel the key phrase sounds differently: “Great miracle was here” because of the location of the Jerusalem Cathedral.




I have been suffering psoriasis for many years. They say that in Israel it is possible to treat this incurable disease…

Sergey Glaskov, St. Petersburg

The answer:

It is impossible to cure psoriasis, but it is quite possible to achieve and keep calm development of the disease with de-creased or even without new rash. The treatment of this disease in the world is nearly the same – ointments, medicine, and ultra-violet.

But in Israel there are additional opportunities – climate, mineral waters and mud of the Dead Sea in combination with massage and physiotherapy. According to the data of Israel dermatologists 88% of the sick, having received treatment on the Dead Sea, lose from 80 to 100% of the damaged area. And only 0,5% of the patient have no or insignificant im-provement.




Are there found any material evidence of the Bible texts in Israel now?

Marina Baranova, Ryazan

The answer:

Archeological excavations are held in Israel nowadays in 3500 places at once. And certainly scientists find objects of Jewish and other cultures. The stables of King Solomon in Megiddo, houses of the epoch of Israel Kingdom in Jerusa-lem, numerous synagogues, ritual baths in Massade, scrolls of the Dead Sea (containing the early text of the Book of Isaiah in Hebrew) and many others are among them.




I am an electrician, I operate high-voltage lines (10 kilovolt). Can I find a job in Israel?

Lev Mogilevsky, Donetsk, Ukraine

The answer:

Yes, you can find a job, but it is necessary to confirm your qualification. To do it you have to give the following docu-ments into the employment bureau: the diploma of professional education; documents confirming professional training (training courses etc.); documents of length of service.

Qualification is confirmed in the department of the Ministry of Labor by the entry in the special “Registration Book”.




Cannot I – a woman of pre-pension age – find a job in Israel? I am quite healthy and active…

Svetlana Balterman, Ekaterinburg

The answer:

You can wonder, but today the experts in the field of labor recourses confirm a new tendency in the country: more and more companies discover the advantages of aged specialists. They possess experience, are reliable in work and as a rule do not claim high salary requirements. More of that: aged specialists — men are not recruited for periodical military training, and women do not have maternity leaves, do not have leaves on the care of sick children. In Israel a new part-nership under a bright name “50 plus – minus” appeared which is rather successful in finding jobs to the people of that age.




Why do all peoples condemn Zionism?

Valentine Tokar, Perm

The answer:

It is difficult to speak on behalf of all peoples, but there are people in different countries, who connect their private un-fortunates with revival of the Jews on their ancestors land – in Palestine. In reality this movement was called on the mountain Sion in Israel as a respond to traditional discrimination of the Jews in the world community. The first Zionist organization was founded in 1897. The main aim of Zionist movement is the stimulation of social, cultural, economical and political development of the Jews in their historical Motherland.




We have decided to research all advantages of the move to Israel. What shall we start with?

George Kileyshvili, Bishkek, Kirghstan

The answer:

We recommend you to start with the research of information. The easiest way for it is to appeal to the Counsel Depart-ment of the Embassy of Israel or the Jewish Agency “Sohnut” (you can find it in every CIS country). Try to get an-swers to at least 3 questions:

1. Your status as a possible repatriate, what privileges and financial support you can get.

2. The possibility of getting education, the possibility of finding a job according to your field or professional re-training.

3. The climate of the different parts of Israel, the rent or sale prices of housing in the chosen district.




This year I have graduated the Law Faculty of Tomsk State University. Whom shall I ask for help in finding a job, if I settle in Ieruham with my relatives?

Mary Korobova, Tomsk

The answer:

Our suggestion is to appeal to the Employment Centre for the people with higher education, it is located in the neigh-borhood of Ieruham, the address: Ber-Sheva, Herzl st. 85, tel. 07-6234394.




I am sure that I can find a job in Israel as a system programmer. But I have a lot of friends connected with computers; they are interested in the demands of Israel market in this sphere. Explain to them these possibilities please.

Fred Fishman, Leningrad region

The answer:

In addition to your profession the following are often required: specialists in technical and program support, system analysts, system administrators, data base administrators, administrator of cable network NOVELL etc., web-designers (web-masters), programmers with languages Ñ, C++, VISUAL BASIC, SQL, JAVA, HTML, DHTML and other.




My daughter is 8. Unfortunately she has the heart arrhythmia, which does not give her possibility to live the full life as the children of her age. Tell me what the Israel doctors can do for her, because soon we’ll come to live in Pardes-Hane.

Elvira Kogan, Voronezh

The answer:

The easiest and the most reliable is to implant cardiac stimulator (it is a small flat device the size is a bit smaller than a match-box). In Israel this operation is made even to newborns and aged people; and it is absolutely free. Israel is the first country in the world according to the number of heart stimulators installed per capita of the population.




Please can you name the most required scientific fields in Israel.

Gregory Breigin, Kemerovo

The answer:

Among the perspective branches of science and technology in Israel are electro-optics, microelectronics, creation and production of new materials, computer science, applied mathematics, protection of the environment, biotechnology, chemical technology, pharmaceuticals, dietology, and plasma physics.




You informed us about the growth of Anti-Semitism in France and connected with it the increased number of the French olim in Israel. How do people of European culture get acclimatized in Israel?

Joseph Somov, Moscow

The answer:

Israel is multisided. Newcomers are searching for the suitable place with habitual way of life. So the secular French olim hadashim are usually settled in the northern part of Tel Aviv, and the religious ones prefer Jerusalem. Anyway a good indicator of choosing Israel as a refuge from jewdophobia is the fact that the number of flats sold in Israel has in-creased on 150% for the recent years.




I became an invalid as a result of a nervous shock, my legs were paralyzed. I’ve heard that in Israel automotive artifi-cial limbs are produced. If it is so, I’ll move to Israel…

Anton Gurevich, Nizhniy Novgorod

The answer:

That’s right, a group of Israel scientist headed by Idan Segev has created artificial limb-robots, which produce move-ments following the impulses of brain. As soon as the sick or invalid thinks of the movement, electric impulse, pro-duced by his brain, is fixed by the computer and after it the artificial limb executes the command. However the work of the scientists is only at the stage of experiments and test/experimental samples. Mass production of artificial limbs is the task of the nearest future.




I am a veterinary. I specialize in illnesses of cows. Is it possible to find a job in Israel?

Alexander Goldbreih, Kaluga region

The answer:

Veterinarians (surgeons) are obliged to pass exams for getting permission to work in Israel; this demand does not de-pend on the date of repatriation and the length of service. The registration for passing of the paid exam is held at the moment of presenting your documents into Veterinary Service “Beit Dagan” in the Ministry of Agriculture. The exam is taken in Hebrew only and includes the following topics:

 Legal aspects of the veterinary in Israel;

 Illnesses of the animals – diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment;

 Stock-breeding in Israel and its specific features;

 Veterinary control on food products in Israel.

There are preparatory courses for license exams and also training courses. After getting the license the veterinaries can work at state enterprises, in a private veterinary clinics, start their own business, carry out scientific researches.




In the history of the XI century there was Bishop of the Town of Velikii Novgorod named Luka with a nick name “Judyata”. Was he somehow connected with the Jews?

Victor Samsonov, Yaroslavl

The answer:

Yes, the Bishop of the Town of Velikii Novgorod had such a nick name, he was one of the first Russian ecclesiasti-cal writers (“Lessons to the Brotherhood” and others). Some scientists suppose that Luka was taken away from the Jews when a boy and baptized against his will during the reign of Vladimir. When the Grand Duke sent his son Yaroslav to rule the Town of Velikii Novgorod, he put Luka on the church service. Other scientists insist on Luka’s Russian origin. However the whole heritage of “Judyata” is penetrated by Old Testament motifs.




My father is a trainer of skiers, and my sister goes in for figure skating. Might they adapt in Israel?

Victor Golbach, Murmansk

The answer:

Sportsmen and trainers are recommended to come to the Department on Integration of the Sportsmen in the Minis-try of Science, Culture and Sport (Natania, Vingeit Institute, tel. 09-8639540) and bring all the documents con-cerning their status. According to these documents, confirming sport achievements, the official status of a “sportsman-repatriate” or “professional trainer-repatriate” is obtained. Official status gives you opportunity to re-ceive from the Ministry of Absorption a lump sum for buying sport equipment. For working it is necessary to get the license, which can be got at the special courses.

As for skiing and figure skating there are corresponding sport associations in Israel. Skies — Keisaria, POB 1039, Is-rael Association of Ski Sport, tel.: 09-9558466, 09-9563428, fax: 03-5236680. Figure skating — Canadian Centre; Israel Association of Skating, POB 331, index 10292; tel.: 06-6817194, fax: 06-6943187.




Is it correct that Ekaterina the II established the Jewish pale in Russia?

Gabdula Sharipov, Kazan

The answer:

The attitude of the Empress Ekaterina to the Jews was ambiguous. After the first division of Poland and entry of Belorussia into Russia, many Jews became the citizens of Russia. They got the right to become merchants, they be-came equal not only in the questions of duties, but in the sphere of self-government of the town (they could be elected to the posts). It is necessary to mention that after the Jews got the Russian citizenship in the reign of Ekaterina the II, the word “zhid” (“Jude”) disappeared in the acts of the Empress. Nevertheless in 1791 the rights of Jews on receiving citizenship and on registration in merchant class were limited by certain territories determined by the acts of the Empress. Later these restrictions were called “the Jewish pale”.




I am an old woman; I have difficulty in breathing and my legs are swallen. Will the climate of Israel be harmful for me?

Svetlana Meltser, Archangelsk

The answer:

This is the answer of Professor Bernard Vidne, the leading Israel heart surgeon: “The main cause of the cardiac in-sufficiency and venous thrombosis is excessively fat food. For keeping energy in the condition of Russian frosts re-quires to eat more fats and calories, as a result — the peculiarities of the Russian cuisine. Obviously the risk for the heart will be less, if coming to Israel you review your eating habits. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Fortunately the climate is greatly conductive to it.”



Does every Jew-repatriate fill himself a real Orthodox Jew in Israel?

Victor Michailin, St. Petersburg

The answer:

At the end of the previous year there was an opinion poll on this point among the repatriates at the Institute of Ju-daism (Israel). The research showed that 94% of the interviewed new-comers from CIS countries consider them-selves as a part of the Jews, 64% accept traditions of Judaism and want to bring up their children in the same way. By the way nearly 60% of the men who were not Orthodox Jews before repatriation decided to take giyur (the ritual of the conversion into Judaism).




Our family is going to live in Haifa, and I am going to enter Haifa University. How is it possible to contact the fu-ture place of studying beforehand?

Alexander Artov, Novokuznestk

The answer:

Here are some web-addresses of High Schools of Israel, where one can be enlisted for entering:

Tel Aviv University —

Haifa University —

Jewish University in Jerusalem —

Technion —

Weizmann Institute —

University Bar-Élan —

University Ben-Gurion —




I have read in my favorite poet Nadson about the Jews: “Let me humbly become one of your soldiers, oh nation, offended by the fate!” Didn’t Nadson accept Judaism?

Vera Slavkina, St. Petersburg

The answer:

A famous Russian poet Semen Nadson was an Orthodox Christian, but his father, being an Orthodox Christian, had Jewish origin. Because of it the poet in his childhood suffered greatly. The beginning of the poem devoted to the Jewish people is as follows: “I grew a foreigner to you, the outcast nation, and I sang not to you at the moments of inspiration…”




My daughter has finished school and a nurse course. When she is in Israel, she is eager to serve in the medical units of the Army of Israel. Will her desires be taken into consideration? How many years does she have to serve?

Hava Roytman, Ryazan

The answer:

At the beginning all girls are being taught at “school of a young soldier” for a month. According to the recent deci-sion of the General Staff the number of girls having recruited for administrative and household positions in the Army will be decreased from 25% to 20% during next three years. The term of military service for girls will be the same 2 years as ordinary. It is planned to use the new methods of preliminary testing of girls of the military age to have detailed information about preferable spheres of service for them.




I’d like to take my favorite car with me moving to Israel. Can I get permission?

Anatoly Gohman, Simpheropol

The answer:

It is permitted to bring in to Israel the vehicles registered in the special list “permitted to bring in and use in Israel”, its producer must have plenipotentiary representative in Israel.

New repatriates, having the driving license in the country of Exodus, have the right for preferential bringing in of an automobile (new or second-hand) from abroad — one for a family. But doing it they loose the new repatriates benefits to buy a new car in Israel.

You can get more information about the permission for bringing the car in the Department of the Import of Vehi-cles in the Ministry of Absorption.




I used to live earlier in Baku. There was a difference between Baku Jews there. Local Jews called themselves “dzhurro”, and Jews of European origin were called “ashkenazi”. The synagogues were different too. Who from them were the real Jews after all?

Natella Abramyan, Moscow

The answer:

Really the Mountain Jews and European Jews were different even at the beginning of the previous century; they differed not only in every day language (the dialects of Iranian and of German) but in traditions, culture, level of education. The Mountain Jews were called “native” Jews in encyclopedias. And “Azhkenaz” was the name of Germany in the Medieval rabbi literature. For the latest century the civilization smoothing between two branches of the nation took place. Although following the existed tradition synagogues are built apart, the Jews can pray in any of them.

2004-11-02, 21:56


They say that in Israel there are very good cardiologists, and percentage of death-rate from heart-vascular diseases is much lower than in many developed countries. Whether it is so?

Anna Metskovskaya, Sacramento, California.

The answer:

Perhaps the following figures and facts published recently (March, 2004) in Tel-Aviv’s newspaper " The News of the week " will prove to be an answer to your question:

In Israel percent of death-rate from heart-vascular diseases is lower than in Western countries. The first place in the world on death-rate in this area of medicine belongs to Russia.

The parameters of death-rate among the israelites during the first year after a heart attack have decreased from 27 % in 1982 to 12 % in 2002.

As for the women the first heart attack occurs at on the average in 70 years. It is for 8 years later than for the men (62 years).

Last years, owing to development of the Israeli medicine the number of operations on open heart was reduced.

In 11 state and 4 private hospitals of Israel there are carried out about 6 thousand operations of aorta-coronary shunting annually.

The youngest Israelite who passed aorta-coronary shunting is 21 years, most elderly one is 94 years.




Dear Haverim!

Whether there is free-of-charge treatment of sterility for new repatriates, and if it exists, what is necessary for this?

Yours faithfully Tasha.

The answer:

Dear Tasha,

Distinctive feature of the extracorporal EKO/IKSI method of treatment of sterility in Israel is that it is completely free-of-charge, as the sterility is recognized as illness, on which the action of the medical insurance is distributed. This does not depend whether the patient is newarrival rapatriate or sabra. Among factors influencing the success of the treatment are following: the age of the woman, reason of sterility, number of courses of EKO/IKSI, avocitus, number of transferred embryons and amount of manipulations. After 8 consecutive courses of treatment the level of birth rate achieves on the average 50 %.




Is it truth, that in Israel it is possible to receive a loan for flat as a gift?

Tolhum Abaev, Nalchik


Yes, as a gift the loan for flat is given to repatriates who have the right: 1) on the constant disablement relief; 2) on the relieve of old age with the social extra charge; 3) on pension of the widow / widower with the social extra charge; and also: 4) repatriates, who have begun to receive the relieve on old age during the first 44 months of life in the country.

If any of the first 3 items have arisen after reception of the loan and partial payments, then the not-paid rest from this moment also turns to a gift.




To the founders of a site Haverim.

I'm a Chinese . I am stung with numerous Jewish sites in the Internet, where there are a lot of good words spoken about the Jews. However only every 400-th inhabitant of the world – is Jew, but every 4-th – is Chinese! And Chineses have not less to boast to mankind then the Jews have. But I do not know the Chinese sites in Runete …

Aleksey Chen, Russian Chinese, Khabarovsk


Why don't you try to create such Russian-Chinese site?

The more so as the problems of quiet life of the Chinese in our country are being increased. And such aggressive nationalist, as the leader — ideologist NDPR Sevastyanov, has called your nation the “yellow Jews ". With all consequences, following from this definition. And when these consequences will reach personally you, it can happen that related sites will not sting you…




Is it truth, that in Israel a Holiday Sukkot is celebrated in other way than in synagogues in Russia?

Sandro Tsitsishvili, Moscow


The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles is celebrated in Israel the same way as in Judaic communities all over the world: they arrange the cabins in memory of tents from branches (in which the ancestors lived in desert), and take branches of trees on a celebratory service in synagogue.

But the time of Holiday coming in Israel directly coincides with the time of the second harvest-carrying of the grain and autumn fruits, with the beginning of agricultural year and with first rains. Therefore in some kibbutsim the Sukkot is celebrated as a holiday of a crop.

Though the holiday lasts in Israel for 1 day (outside of Israel — 2 days), all days from Yom Kipur up to Sukkot there is no lessons in the Israel schools, and the adults take holiday, or work the half day.




Now Jews celebrate a New year. But is it truth that Israelis do not celebrate somehow New Year on the Gregorian calendar, that is in the night of December 31?

Vladimir Kuzovlev, Voronezh


Indeed, in Israel the New Year begins in September with a Bible holiday Rosh ha-Shana. It is a custom to begin any new businesses from this Holiday. The New Year's congratulations in Israel are sent before Rosh ha-Shana, instead of Being sent in the last days of December, as it is accepted in Western countries. At the same time in Israel, as to the civilized country, nobody forbids to repatriates to celebrate Christian New Year.




I am the old lonely man. Now I have no relatives and any friends on the earth. I want to live in the Bible country. But I am afraid to become helpless. And whom I will be able to complain to?

Aleksandr Fronkin, Rybinsk


In Israel there are a lot of programs, including volunteers’, facilitating life of the lonely elderly people. About them, and also about the ways to resolve of your non-standard problems you can learn at specialist in the Ministry of Absorption. For unsatisfactory cases in the same Ministry there is special "Department of addresses of the population", where the majority of the written applications and complaints from other instances are flown down (therefore it is better to address directly).

If you want to complain on the employee of the Ministry of Absorption, then in each district branch there is "a representative of the internal controller" of the Ministry, to whom it is necessary to address in a written form.

In all cases the anonymous complaints are not considered.



What is the terms of receiving of the loan for buying an apartment? Whether my wife and my cousin can act as a guarantors?

Sergey Roitman, Kaluga


In the second half of the first year of life in Israel you can take the loan. The loan from the "Baskets of absorption" for payment of an apartment should be ordered before ending the first year of repatriation, and it is possible to receive it during the first one and a half years from the date of arrival in Israel. The loan is given out under percents (4-5 % per one year) and is connected with an index of the prices. Term of the loan — 10 years. A beginning of repayment — 37 months from the moment of receiving the loan.

The signatures of 2 guarantors are necessary for receipt of the loan. Your wife, as well as other members of your family (children, parents), can not be guarantors. But your cousin can be a guarantor, provided that he is from 18 till 55 years.




I am a sick woman. It is said, that in Israel all treatment will be carried out through "Hospital cash departments". What is it? Is it some private fraud?

Lidiya Pervenceva, Zelenograd.


From the very beginning it should be said, that by the Israel law new repatriates are released from payments for medical insurance during first six months from the date of arrival in the country; whereas each inhabitant of Israel who is more than 18 years pays payments on medical insurance in the framework of Hospital cash department. Further on for you it will be also necessary to pay payments from the incomes (salary, pension etc.).

As a whole, the system of public health services in Israel includes state Hospital cash departments and private medical establishments. There are four Hospital cash departments: "Klalit", Leumit", "Makkabi" and "Meuhedet". You can choose one from them and receive in complete volume "a basket of medical services", including out-patient service, laboratory analyses, hospitalization etc.

The record in Hospital cash departments is carried out through post offices.




I want to take advantage of the program "The First House on a Native Land ". Please, tell distinctly, what advantages it gives to repatriate?

Vitalii Mehlis, Tomsk


With the help of the program "The First House on a Native Land " the families of repatriates can rent the apartment in kibbuts. And by that to take advantage of all kinds of services, which kibbuts offers: meal, ulpan, educational structures for children. Residing in kibbuts is a paid service. Term of the contract on rent — 1 year. Those, who receive “Basket of absorption" can bring a payment from these sums.

The additional information can be received with the help of this address: a Dubnov Street 10, Tel Aviv. Tel: 03-6927536, 6927507.




We want to arrive to Israel, as is it said, "without anything ", having taken only a bag of personal things on everyone. Whether the state will help us to arrange our habitation?

Daniil Kopshtein, Ukraine, Donetsk


In this case you are supposed to indemnification for absence of luggage. During the first three months from the date of arrival in the country it is necessary to address to bank "Idud". To do it you must show the certificate of repatriate and have account in bank.




I am a lonely. Where I will be directed at once on arrival to Israel? Whether will they ask my wish?

Elena Lurie, Petrozavodsk


Certainly, they will ask you. But not bad to take care of it beforehand.

Some possible variants:

— To the friends’ or relatives’ flat;

— In a rented apartment in kibbuts in the framework of the project "The First House on a Native Land ";

— In the hotel rented before you found the apartment to rent;

— In ulpan at kibbuts;

— In the Centre of Absorption (for those who was issued through the representative of the Jewish Agency).




Answer to me, please, who is called "a new repatriate" and how he/she differs from the "old" one?

Oshir Ilyaguev, Makhachkala


"New repatriate" ("ole khadash" in Hebrew) — is a person who was repatriated in Israel and has received the status of new repatriate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to the Law on Return from 1950. This Law has established, that "each Jew, his/her wife/husband, his/her children, grandsons both the spouses of children and grandsons, have the right to be repatriated in Israel".

People who have received the status of "new repatriate", have the right to the special help provided to the new repatriate by the official bodies and other organizations. This help includes: Basket of absorption; clearing of payment of the duties on import of the goods; training Hebrew ; the help with habitation; the help in employment; the help in organization of business; the help in payment of study in higher educational institutions; the help to the soldiers etc.


2004-08-18, 18:26


I, as a senior scientific researcher of Scientific Institute, PhD, specialization — Russian history of 18 century, will hardly can find a job in Israel. But whether there are any privileges and material assistance for such experts?

Anton Girsh, Nizhni Novgorod


In Israel you can train for a new profession, which will have a demand. However, with your specialization it is possible to try to get a job at the universities. As a last resort, the Center of Absorption in a Science of the Ministry of Absorption takes part in partial subsidizing of wages of scientists-new repatriates during 3 years (so-called " the grant Shapiro "), and also during 3 years more — with simultaneous creation of workplaces (projects "TNUPHA", "Giladi", "KAMEA"). The scientist who wish to participate in these projects must address to the specified Center during the first month after arrival.


2004-08-18, 18:16


We are going to settle at Israel. But my wife – Tatar — does not want to accept Judaism, and children – they agree to accept. How officially to turn children in Judaic belief with reception of the appropriate document?

Avrom Kaganov, Perm


In Israel the exclusive powers in business of the reference in Judaism are handed to Supreme Orthodox Rabbinate . The reference in Judaism (giur) consists of several stages, including the studying of Hebrew, search of the spiritual counselor — rabbi, mastering of the Torah, Talmud, history, style of life and feasts of the Jewish people. During study it is necessary to observe kashrut (basic requirements to food). The men pass a ceremonial of circumcision. After a verdict of religious court and giving the oath a newly converted receives the appropriate certificate for representation in the Ministry of Interior.


2004-08-17, 18:47


I have read your explanations about youth ulpan-kibbuts in Ashkelon. My son is keen nature too. But he loves to devote all his free time not to music, but to sport, in particular, water polo and handball. We are going to put up in the North of Israel, in the city Akko. What would you advise him on the first time?

Raphael Gurevich, Petrozavodsk


In the Youth Ulpans, as a rule, there are available various sport complexes, including, the pools and sports ground, where it is possible to spent free time. Nearest to Akko ulpans are located in Haipha and Kiryat-Yam. We inform you with coordinates of the Ulpan, called "Sapir", in a Kiryat-Yam (10 kms from Àkko): Pinhas Sapir Street, Kiryat-Yam 29000. Tel. 04-875-74-85.


2004-08-17, 17:45


I'm a driver with the 40-year's experience. My health is strong , though I’m 67 years old already . I would like to work in Israel as a driver. What difficulties can meet me?

Victor Lodkin, Kaluga


During 3 months from the date of your arrival it is necessary to address to local Transport management to confirm the status, with the following documents: 1. The form of check of sight (it is possible to receive at any driving school or from the doctor ); 2. The Russian driving license (original and copy); 3. The repatriate certificate; 4. The identification card; 5. Two photos. You will pass examination on driving, it is obligatory. And if you will not pass the examination twice, you will be examined on the general bases with examination on the theory. As the man of pension age you should present also the medical information from therapeutist (you can receive a special form at any driving school). By our information in Israel there is a steady demand for the skilled drivers of heavy baggage-wagons.



2004-08-08, 19:08

We – I and my husband have the Russian citizenship. But during a number of last years we lived in Prague. Now we are going to move to a constant residence to Israel. We heard, that people living in other countries more than a year lose all Olim Hadashim privileges. Whether it is truth?

Marina Ephraimova, Moscow area


In your case you will not lose any privileges, as Czech is included into the list of the countries, where the Russian (future Israeli) citizen can live more than year without loss of these privileges. After your arrival to Israel You will receive the status «new repatriate» and various help: «a basket of absorption», clearing of the duties, grant (manual) to rent of apartments, assistance in studying Hebrew etc.



2004-08-08, 19:05

My son is 20 years old. He is activist of the “Rappers” movement. He is keen on modern music, and doesn't want to know anything about Jewishness and Judaism. I'm worrying if he can to adapt by the arriving in Israel (we hope to settle in Ashkelon, where our relatives are living). Please tell me, whether there are any not routine ways of youth training?

Faina Portnyagina, St.-Petersburg


In Israel there is a special youth program for those who are from 17,5 till 28 years. It is called "Ulpan-kibbus". It essence is that the young people from the different countries live, work, study and spend leisure time together, in their settlement. The fascinating travels and excursions are included in the program besides lectures. By the way, in Ashkelon, there are two such Ulpans. Here are co-ordinates of one of them: 209, Bar-Kokhba Street, Ashkelon 78468. The telephone: 07-673-60-11.



2004-07-29, 10:04

Whether the state help in employment on my speciality will be rendered to me, as to the engineer – constructor?

M. Katsnelson, Irkutsk.


In Israel there is a special program of preparation, retraining and employment for the experts with high education. The program is intended with the purpose of successful integration of the experts in the Israeli economy. As an engineer – constructor you will be helped to find work in comparative affinity from a place of your residing. For example, the employment on your speciality is possible in the North (enterprise Kir'yat-Byalik, industrial park "Tefen", enterprise "Pal'raz", factory on assembling of buses "Merkavim"), at the center of Israel (manufacture of aluminium designs "Ortal", factory "Al'kayam"), in the South (textile enterprise "Bagir") etc.



2004-07-27, 17:31

I'm a student of state electromechanical college. Whether I will be given free-of-charge continuation of study in case I together with the parents resettle to Israel?

Leonid Fishman, Barnaul.


The students, who have arrived in the country, receive the help at payments for studying in high schools and colleges, but not in all of them. The place of your future continuation of education should be one recognized by the Ministry of Absorption, for what there are special lists of educational establishments.



2004-07-20, 17:17

Whether that is truth, that all "help" given to repatriate is necessary to return, if repatriate wants to leave Israel?

L.V.Volovich, Velikie Luki


Dear, Mr. Volovich! The new repatriates receive "a basket of absorption" for the initial period (7 months): money to rent of an apartment and for purchase of essential commodities; payment of municipal services; the manual to the life. A condition of reception of this gift is the total stay in the country not less than 1,5 years. New repatriates receive also money indemnity for payment of the customs tax or taxes to purchase of the electro-goods. But this indemnity should not be returned back to State in case the repatriate does not leave the country during 4 years or more. The various preferential loans and preferential taxation are also given at purchase of furniture, automobile, real estate, private business, site under construction etc.



2004-07-17, 16:58

My husband is a half Russian (father) and half Jew. I'm Ukrainian. Whether I have right to move to Israel?

Olga Malahova, Sizran of the Samara area.


Your question is quite a simple one. Your husband being born from the Jewish mother is considered a Jew, and, according to the Israeli Law on Return, you as his spouse is entitled the right to repatriation to Israel (word "to move" is not quite appropriate here). The concrete question on granting the entrance visa on a constant residence is considered by the Consular Department of Embassy of Israel in Russia. The address of Embassy: Moscow, Large Ordynka Street, 56. The telephone: (095) 230 6700. Fax: (095) 238 1346. E-mail:



2004-07-07, 17:07

Dear editors of a Site "Haverim", my father is a Jew, my mother is Lithuanian — whether I will be considered as the full Jew in Israel?

Yours faithfully!



Dear Michael!

According to the Law on Return you have the right to repatriation. In Israel you receive citizenship and become the full member of the Israeli society.

According to the laws of Galaha — person is considered to be a Jew in case he/she is born by a Jewish mother, or in case he/she professes Judaism and executed ceremony of Giur.

Israel is a secular state, but if a question about Giur is very essential for you, it is necessary to you to address the Rabbay Court. In Russia Rabbay Court settles down in Moscow Sinagogue to the address 101000, Moscow, Large Spasogolenizshevskiy lane., 10. The Head of Rabbay Court of CIS is Rab. Pinhas Goldshmit.

Having made Aliya, you can also pass Giur in Eres Israel.


Question :

Dear creators of site “Haverim”, please can you explain why everybody consider terrorist Ben-Laden a criminal person and try to catch and punish him, whereas terrorist Arafat who is responsible for murdering of many peaceful citizens receives Nobel Peace Prize as an award?



Dear Yasha! After a bit of logic contemplation we come to the evident answer to your question: world community chases Ben-Laden and awards Arafat because the first one kills anyone whereas Arafat kills only Jews.

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