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May God, the God of Israel, be with us in this battle!

The history of ISLAM makes it clear that non-Muslims cannot make real peace with the adherents of that religion. The most that may be agreed to is a hudna (truce); like the one Mohammed made with the Kuraish tribe, and which lasted only until he was strong enough to conquer them, at which point the truce was unilaterally dissolved,

Thus ISLAM today is threatening to do with Israel, even through those Muslim states that have entered into a truce or 'peace' with the Jewish state, like Egypt and Turkey. And Israel had better wake up to this full reality!

And, incidentally, let no one dare say that Israel has not tried to do its utmost for peace. They have, through Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert. Like Neville Chamberlain, these men tried everything but — as we see today — all in vain!

Israel did its best to establish good relationships with countries like Turkey and Egypt, only to find out that, when the Islamic spirit takes control of the leaders and often the masses of these Muslim controlled nations, that it is first to suffer the bitter and dangerous consequences.

It is so clear! Then why can we not see it? As in the past (Mohammed fought 53 wars with this purpose), Islam is at war with the West because it wants to subjugate the West and the whole world to the teachings of Allah, and force Shariah law on us all.

As eminent scholars on ISLAM rightly state, for true Muslims, the world is still divided into two parts, Dar-ul-ISLAM (the House of Islam) and Dar-ul-Harb (the House of War): The region/house where ISLAM reigns, and the region/ house where war and jihad should reign till they are brought into the house/ region of ISLAM.

We see this in Turkey, Egypt, Iran, and in most countries where ISLAM is the dominant force: In those parts as yet not subjugated to Allah war and terror is waged to bring them under Muslim control.

This truth cannot be brushed aside with loud cries of 'Islamophobia!' ISLAM itself — and not Islamophobes — states that its aim is to subjugate the WHOLE WORLD!

These are the facts and we in the West come late to face up to them. Maybe too late!

But for Israel, today, this is certainly a matter of life and death as it watches its policies and the massive efforts it has made to live in peace and friendship, smashed to smithereens by what is happening all around her in the name of ISLAM: — hatred leveled against Israel from Turkey, from Egypt, and from virtually every other Muslim-controlled land.

The people of Israel stand fully alone except for Almighty God, who chose them and who calls them His beloved; the Apple of His Eye. This all the nations will soon learn for themselves.

In his time, Adolf Hitler sought to occupy and rule much of the world, establishing under his Nazi ideology a "Third Reich." This, in our day, is the goal of ISLAM, and as in those days preceding World War II, there are few who are willing to face up to this threat, let alone get ready to deal with it. Some try, but they are usually immediately shot down by the mostly liberal press, which labels them dangerous warmongers and fanatics. In this same way did the liberal press belittle those who warned of the soon-coming war with the Nazis.

Here, for instance, is what the The Times of London wrote about Churchill in 1938:

"The war-mongers [Churchill and his supporters], those who would make war against another country without having counted the cost, ought to either be impeached and shot or hanged. There has never been a prime minister in the history of England who has in nine months achieved such agreements as those Mr. Chamberlain has made with Czechoslovakia, Italy ... and with Hitler at Munich."

We ALL have to face this! It is a global threat against all who still value their basic democracies and freedoms and we cannot retreat into our self-made closets of ignorance and delusion!

We must recognize, and be willing to confront, the enemy. And we must do so now, in the first place, by standing with and for Israel. For this small nation is in the front line facing this global attack on all that many of us hold as our dearest, hard-won possessions: our freedoms and democracy.

As is declared and written by Muslim men and children, (sometimes even on the Palestinian flag): "First we'll fight the Saturday people (the Jews), and then the Sunday people (the Christians)."

In his book, "Onward Muslim Soldiers," Robert Spencer quotes from the Koran:

Say: 'O people of the Book! Do ye disapprove of us for no other reason than that we believe in Allah, and the revelation that hath come to us and that which came before (us), and (perhaps) that most of you are rebellious and disobedient?' Say: 'Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from Allah? Those who incurred the curse of Allah and his wrath, those of whom some he transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil; these are (many times) worse in rank, and far more astray from the even path! (Sura 5:59-60)

Spencer then follows with:

Saudi Wahhabi imams often favored images of Jews and Christians as apes and pigs. In his sermon in Medina, Sheikh Abd Al-'Aziz Qari explained that the conflict between Muslims on one side and Jews and Christians on the other would continue until Judgment Day: "Two groups — the Jews and the Christians — are the main elements constituting the 'Camp of Kufur' [unbelief] and will continue to be its foundations until Allah allows their downfall and annihilation at the end of days. ...These two groups will continue to serve as the grindstones of the conflict and the war between belief and Kufur until eternity comes. ... The Jews are the objects of Allah's [promised] wrath, while the Christians deviate from the paths of righteousness. ... The Koran described the Jews as a nation cursed by Allah, a nation at which he was angry — some of whom he turned into apes and pigs."

And further on Spencer continues:

"There is only one place on earth," Qutb argued, "which can be called the home of Islam (Dar-ul-Islam), and it is that place where the Islamic state is established and the Shari'ah is the authority and God s limits are observed, and where all the Muslims administer the affairs of the state with mutual consultation. The rest of the world is the home of hostility (Dar-ul-Harb). A Muslim can have only two possible relations with Dar-ul-Harb: peace with a contractual agreement, or war. A country with which there is a treaty will not be considered the home of Islam."

Consequently, he argued that a Muslim cannot be in the full sense a citizen of a non-Muslim state, and that even his status as a citizen of a Muslim state is secondary to his status as a Muslim. "A Muslim has no country except that part of the earth where the Shari'ah of God is established and human relationships are based on the foundation of relationship with God; a Muslim has no nationality except his belief, which makes him a member of the Muslim community in Dar-ul-Islam; a Muslim has no relatives except those who share the belief in God, and thus a bond is established between him and other Believers through their relationship with God." (Onward Muslim Soldiers by Robert Spencer, Regerny Publishing Inc., 2003)

Israel is, right now, by far the primary obstacle to this threatened worldwide invasion by ISLAM and so needs to be helped, strengthened and supported in every way possible against it. If Israel wins, the West wins with her. Should Israel lose, no nation will be left standing in the way of ISLAM's ultimate goal, the subjugation of the West and, in the end, of all the world!

In the light of this, it is ominous that during his three years in office, the president of the beleaguered free world graced first Egypt and then Turkey with an official visit, a favor he did not see fit to extend to Israel — the main ally of his country America, and the West.

May we do everything now, at this late hour, to help, support and undergird this mortally hated and already bleeding nation before it is too late for us and for them.

May God, the God of Israel, be with us in this battle!

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director

International Christian Zionist Center